State Farm and Children’s Hospital team for safe driving event at the Clubs

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State Farm and Children’s Hospital team for safe driving event at the Clubs

In conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week Oct. 18-24, State Farm released its latest survey results about teens and distracted driving. The findings show that many teens are exhibiting distracted driving behaviors, and there is a need for greater awareness. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, yet many motor vehicle accidents could be prevented. Thanks to our partners at State Farm and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, 75 Club teens had the chance to learn about safe driving habits through a fun and interactive event at the Daniels-Mardak Boys & Girls Club.

At the event, teens engaged in activities to show them how hard it can be to complete even simple tasks when distracted. The young would-be-drivers attempted to text and drive while using a simulator that tallied up the real-world costs of distracted driving in fines, repair damages and medical bills. The teens also learned about the effects of impaired driving by playing games after spinning in circles. Additional activities such as completing an obstacle course while playing a hand-held game and sorting cards while being asked questions further illustrated how difficult it is to concentrate while being distracted.

Valerie, a graduate of the Clubs’ Driver’s Ed program funded by State Farm, spoke to her peers about the freedom and responsibility that comes with having a driver’s license. Valerie has put the safe driving lessons she learned to use while driving to her new job. Fifteen teens are currently enrolled in the final Driver’s Ed course of 2015 at the Daniels-Mardak Club and will be out on the road in 2016.

In a sign of good faith, every teen in attendance signed a pledge committing to State Farm’s “2N2” initiative, promising to drive with two hands on the wheel and two eyes focused on the road, and to be safe passengers whenever they are in a car. The pledge poster will be hung in the Daniels-Mardak Club’s Teen Center as a reminder to practice safe driving.

Thank you to our friends at State Farm and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for collaborating on this event. We appreciate your commitment to the safety of our teens!