Teaching Kids Important Sports and Life Lessons

Through robust sports programming, kids and teens develop sports skills as well as learn about teamwork, accountability and healthy lifelong habits.

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Boys & Girls Clubs sports programs allow youth to participate in organized leagues under the direction of professional coaches at little to no cost. Not only is it great for teambuilding, sports programming is often the first Club experience for many kids who go on to enroll in educational, arts and careers programming as well.

In 2017, more than 14,000 members participated in sports, fitness and recreation activities. Boys & Girls Clubs is proud to offer the following sports programs:

The Emerging Athletes Basketball League (EABL) is offered to student athletes in 3rd through 8th grades who are looking to learn and play basketball in a competitive league.

The EABL is dedicated to ensuring that all participants strive for:

  • Excellence
  • Academics
  • Better choices
  • Living a Healthy Life

The EABL league runs through the academic year with boys playing games in the fall and late spring and girls playing games in the winter. Additionally, members also have opportunities to participate in basketball camps and clinics before, during and after the seasons.

Games are played at the following Clubs:

  • Augusta M. LaVarnway (2739 N. 15th St.)
  • Daniels-Mardak (4834 N. 35th St.)
  • Don & Sallie Davis (1975 S. 24th St.)
  • Mary Ryan (3000 N. Sherman Blvd.)
  • Pieper-Hillside (611 W. Cherry St.)
  • Roger and Leona Fitzsimonds (3400 W. North Ave.)

Through the EABL program, participants also complete educational programming, which includes weekly tutoring, use of online learning software and customized learning plans. Program managers work closely with parents and education coordinators to track each student’s grades and progress.

Boys & Girls Clubs also offers Little Dribblers to introduce the Clubs’ youngest members to basketball fundamentals. Both EABL and Little Dribblers are made possible by the generosity of longtime donor and board of trustee, Albert Nicolas, founder and chairman of Nicolas Company, Inc., a Milwaukee-based investment advisory firm.

“I want to give kids the same opportunities I had with basketball. I played at the Boys Club when I was young and it made a difference in my life. It is my pleasure to make basketball accessible to all members in Milwaukee, helping them open doors to a bright future.”

– Albert Nicholas

Tackle Football is offered to members ages 12-14 years old at local Clubs. Members involved in our Football program receive professional coaching and mentoring while learning the game of football. Members compete in a league of 15 teams throughout Milwaukee on Saturdays at local footballs fields.

Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is a Major League Baseball initiative to increase urban and inner city youth interest and participation in baseball and softball. Locally, Brewers Community Foundation sponsors Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee through its RBI and softball program. Our RBI program was established in 2007 and in 2016, our high school senior team made it to the semi-finals of the RBI World Series in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Clubs are proud to provide year-round access to organized baseball and softball leagues for ages 5-18. Youth members participate in clinics that develop fundamental athletic team-building skills, work to meet required academic benchmarks, and develop character and leadership skills.

During 2017, 635 Club members participated in RBI programming.

Team Schedules:

10U Travel | 11U Travel | 14U Travel | 17U Travel | 18U Travel

RBI Baseball Travel Teams

The Clubs have 7 Travel Boys Baseball Travel Teams that allow youth ages 10-18 (Leagues and tournaments 10U –18U) to participate in competitive baseball against other regional teams. Select Travel Teams play in tournaments during the spring and summer months throughout the Midwest area. 10U- 14U teams will play ten tournaments. 15U-18U participate in 7 tournaments. Current team fees are $400. Our goal is for each team to have a maximum of 15 players. In order to operate the travel teams we depend on fees and and/or fundraising to help with uniforms, lodging, meals and travel.

RBI Select Division

The RBI Select Division is required league play for RBI baseball and softball players mandated by Major League Baseball. All players that want the chance to play in the RBI regional Tournament must participate in the Select League.

RBI Select Baseball League

The RBI Select Baseball League is open to all high school aged boys and will consist of seven teams. Games occur in June and July. Playoffs, an all-star and the final Championship games are all held the first week of July. Standout players from the Select League will be placed on the Milwaukee RBI 15U and 18U Travel teams and will participate in the RBI Regional Tournament in Indianapolis, IN.

RBI Select Fast Pitch Softball League

RBI Fast Pitch League is open to high school aged girls and will consist of four teams that will play in June and July. Playoffs, an all-star and the final Championship games are all held the first week of July. Standout players from the Select League will be placed on the Milwaukee RBI Fast Pitch on 15U and 18U Fast Pitch softball Travel teams and will participate in the RBI Regional Tournament in Indianapolis, IN.

RBI Futures League (Junior Brewers)

Our Junior Brewers RBI Futures League is open to all members of our six Legacy sites ages 10-13. We currently service 90 boys and 90 girls in this component of RBI. Programming occurs from June through July during BGC’s summer day camp.

RBI Fall Ball

RBI Fall Ball is open to youth ages 10-18 and takes place from August to October. Based on participation there will be league play at Mary Ryan or if there are not enough teams to have a league play we will have players participate as RBI teams in other Leagues.

RBI Off-Season Winter Instructional Program

Milwaukee RBI offers off-season clinics for RBI participants, primarily from the RBI Travel Teams, the opportunity to develop their strength and endurance. This off-season programming means members are gaining access to a year-round program. Our off-season not only helps players to learn how to lead healthy lifestyles and stay fit, but we also infuse social emotional learning, academic tutoring and character and leadership training. Sessions are offered from January through March with a goal to serve 100 to 125 members. RBI players currently pay a fee of $200 for this three month session to assist with the cost of indoor facilities and instructors.

Currently soccer is offered at participating Clubs throughout the city.

Our LaVarnway and Davis Boys & Girls Clubs offer year round swimming lessons to members wanting to learn how to swim and fun and exciting water activities to members year round. Members can sign up at one of the Clubs for lessons or enjoy a cool swim during open swim times.

Girls ages 12-14 years old participate in competitive volleyball league in late spring. Girls join team at various clubs and participate in weekly competition for 6 weeks.