Majors Meets Careers connects teens with professionals

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Majors Meets Careers connects teens with professionals

Our Graduation Plus team hosted the annual Majors Meets Careers mentoring workshop at the Destiny High School Boys & Girls Club, providing our teenage Club members with quality guidance from Wisconsin professionals. Roughly 70 mentors and volunteers hailing from a wide range of fields joined together to provide about 125 Club members with crucial information about their own careers, helping the teens prepare for their futures in the process.

Club teens from around Milwaukee are encouraged to dress like they would for a job interview, coming prepared for the professional environment they one day plan to find themselves in. Chatting over breakfast, mentors and teens discuss how to build a good résumé, the importance of networking, the skills necessary to succeed in today’s economic climate and valuable advice about making a strong impression with employers during interviews. Our Club members come away from this important workshop with a great sense of how they might position themselves for success after high school, and are thrilled with the opportunity to connect one-on-one with professionals who provide encouragement and share lessons learned through real-world experience.

We are beyond grateful to the many generous professionals from the health care, education, law, marketing and many other fields who spend their Saturday morning mentoring our young adults!

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