Improved Club game room means more than a coat of paint

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Improved Club game room means more than a coat of paint

If you ask any Boys & Girls Clubs member what their favorite room is at their Club, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you all about the joy and laughter they’ve shared in the game room. By providing exciting activities for our Club members in these spaces, they are eager to return to the Clubs and engage in valuable, character-building programs. Our amazing partner Time Warner Cable saw what the Pieper-Hillside Club’s game room meant to our youth and went above and beyond to polish it into a lively hub of activity for our Club members.

Time Warner Cable not only purchased thousands of dollars in new items for Pieper-Hillside’s game room; 19 employees from our community partner spent numerous hours at the Club to beautify the entertainment space. Volunteers rolled fresh coats of bright green and blue paint on the walls, replaced furniture and assembled new chairs for the video game area. Our devoted helpers even organized the Club’s limited storage space to improve our day-to-day operations! What’s more, the volunteers gave our Club members Connect a Million Minds gift bags before providing a celebratory meal for all to enjoy.

It wasn’t long before the Pieper-Hillside Club members cozied into new bean bag chairs, gathered around the pool table or stationed themselves in front of a TV, exuberant over their newly-decorated game room. We’re immensely grateful to Time Warner Cable for demonstrating such generosity and care for our Club members!