Club teen named one of Scholastic’s ‘Coolest Kids’

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Club teen named one of Scholastic’s ‘Coolest Kids’

Scholastic News recently featured Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee member Gerron Moss as one of its eight “Coolest Kids We Met in 2015.” The editors at Scholastic News compiled the list as “a reflection on the most inspiring, creative, and innovative kids” featured in its many magazines this year.

Introduced by Scholastic as “The Documentarian,” Gerron worked with his peers in the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Can You Hear Us Now? program in 2014 to collectively produce a documentary film about the impact of violence on youth in Milwaukee. Scholastic’s Choices magazine spotlighted Gerron’s personal story in May, shedding light on the success of the program and how it gave him an outlet to express the group’s shared stance against violence in the community.

Can You Hear Us Now? not only boasted a successful screening of the film, but the group performed a choreopoem play in front of an audience of hundreds at the Milwaukee Art Museum one year later to continue telling their story. The program’s impact inspired generous donors to fund a trip to Washington D.C. for the teens, allowing them to spread their message of peace farther than ever before.

We are proud and inspired by Gerron’s commitment to the mission of Can You Hear Us Now? and hope you’ll join us in congratulating him on being one of Scholastic’s Coolest Kids of 2015!

Image Credits: Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images