Club members get techy at the Geek Squad Academy

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Club members get techy at the Geek Squad Academy

Do you have a technology issue? Our Club kids may be able to help. Thanks to Best Buy’s two-day Geek Squad Academy, approximately 150 Club members worked on developing critical problem-solving skills and building their tech knowledge, which may inspire future careers in the tech industry. This was the first time the event took place in Milwaukee, one of over 70 cities that have hosted the Academy.

Students from the ages of 10 to 18 participated in music production, LEGO robotics, film & script creation, 3D printing and a class on etiquette on the web. Using coding programs on PCs similar to those used by programmers, Club members successfully instructed their small LEGO robot to follow a green line on the classroom floor, stopping once it reached a yellow finish line. Activities such as music production using iPad apps sparked their creativity, encouraging youth to craft songs in groups using their digital instruments.

Close to a dozen instructors assisted the children and were scattered into different stations, with the youth rotating stations every hour. The fun activities opened doors to the youth, encouraging them to discover new career paths in tech-based fields. We would like to thank Geek Squad for their time spent on making this event possible.