Club members celebrate STEM with Time Warner Cable

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Club members celebrate STEM with Time Warner Cable

This November, members of the Grantosa and Daniels-Mardak Boys & Girls Clubs celebrated their achievements in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning. Thanks to a partnership with Time Warner Cable and its Connect a Million Minds initiative, our Club members have access to state-of-the-art software and expanded Club programming in STEM-related fields.

Club members put their STEM knowledge on display in front of a small panel of Time Warner Cable employees, demonstrating their projects firsthand. The event included demos of weight-bearing bridges, an art producing robot, and flying rockets. Students in the Time Warner Learning Lab displayed their imagination and spacial awareness in showing the judges the environments they created on the Alice computer program.

In total, six youth were honored as Time Warner Achievers, and an additional twelve members were recognized for their work on STEM the projects. All eighteen youth received Kindle Fire tablets to support their continued learning outside of the Clubs. We’re grateful to Time Warner Cable for advancing STEM learning in our Clubs, and we are proud of our youth for their commitment STEM programming!

Check out photos from the event below!

Celebrating STEM achievers with Time Warner Cable