Cleaning our parks with the Urban Ecology Center

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Cleaning our parks with the Urban Ecology Center

With bottle caps and candy wrappers strewn about, Milwaukee’s parks could certainly use some tidying. To celebrate Global Youth Service Day, 26 members of the Engleburg Boys & Girls Club visited the Urban Ecology Center at Washington Park late last month to do their share in cleaning up the park.

The youth spent a few minutes in the Urban Ecology Center to see some of the aquatic life on display before setting out into the chilly April air with hats and jackets on and trash picker-upper tools in hand. Members teamed up to fill garbage bags with litter, helping to transform the debris-speckled lawn into a blanket of exceptional green grass worthy of sprinting across.

Our helpful members got to enjoy the park’s playground after fulfilling their cleanup duties, seeing the fruit of their efforts firsthand when brightening their environment. We encourage you to check out our Flickr gallery of the trip below. Thank you for hosting us, Urban Ecology Center!