Brewers and TeamSmile host dental clinic at Miller Park

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Brewers and TeamSmile host dental clinic at Miller Park

Members of Boys & Girls Clubs were treated to free dental care at Miller Park late last month, thanks to the efforts of Brewers Community Foundation and TeamSmile. Assisted by volunteers from Delta Dental, TeamSmile performed check-ups, took x-rays, then offered both restorative and preventative care and cleaning to roughly 300 youth from both Boys & Girls Clubs and Journey House.

As Club members were guided through the clinic’s stations, they were educated on the importance of healthy habits and good dental hygiene. Youth received goodie bags and had the opportunity to use iPads in the cleaning station waiting area. Approximately half of the attending Club members participated in Delta Dental’s year-round tooth brushing program.

We’re grateful to TeamSmile, Brewers Community Foundation and the volunteers at Delta Dental for providing full dental care and education for our Club members!