The Arts

Access to the Arts is a valuable tool for young minds. Not only do the arts develop imaginations, creativity and self-expression in youths, it also strengthens their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Both are needed for success in school and in life.
Boys & Girls Clubs has a number of artists on staff with diverse talents from drawing to dance. Plus, the Clubs has a number of partnerships within Milwaukee's creative and performing arts community. These partnerships allow us to give children opportunities to develop their skills or discover new talents year-round at all our Club locations.
The Fine Arts develops Club members their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts, crafts, performing arts and creative writing. It also provides them with opportunity to express their creativity, build their confidence and learn new skills.
The Floral Artistry program teaches design, form and color theory concepts through the creation of life events arrangements that convey and portray messages of feelings, celebrations, culture and holidays. Youths also work with floral photography, watercolor, acrylic painting, card design and career development in floral related studies.
Performing Arts – thanks to partnerships with AmeriCorps and local performing arts organizations – Boys & Girls Club members have access to dance, music and theater instruction.

Photography allows Club member go beyond snapshots and develop skills that can really impact the viewer. This art form opens a door to creative self-expression.

Signature Programs & Partnerships
National Fine Arts Exhibit is a local, regional and national competition for Boys & Girls Clubs members. Youth submit their best art pieces in a variety of categories (monochromatic drawing, multicolored drawing, pastels, water color, oil or acrylic, print making, mixed media, collage and sculpture) and have it displayed at art exhibitions.

ImageMakers National Photography Contest allows budding shutter-bugs to learn and practice various photography techniques. Members are given training and the opportunity to enter their pictures in local, regional and national competitions.

Jazz Elements, offered in partnership with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO), teaches members ages 9 to 12 how to play drums, piano or bass. Local jazz instructors visit the Clubs and instruct members, who must then practice 30 minutes every day.
Thanks to grant through AmeriCorps, the Clubs have been able to increase its art education instruction and programs as well as increase member participation in them. These instructors serve their community while earning a stipend and an education award.